History of AOSDAC
The 1st Asia Soap & Detergent Association Conference was held in Tokyo in 1997 for three associations in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan to exchange information on the cleansing agent industry, with an aim to improve the livelihood of people in those regions.
The conference was set to be held biennially and has been held, uninterrupted, with the most recent being the 11th conference in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017. with an aim that contributes to the enrichment of the happiness and live of people in those regions.
In that time, the number of associations joining the conference has increased, and in 2009 it became the Asia Oceania Soap & Detergent Association Conference following the participation of the association of the Oceania region. Currently, the conference is comprised of nine associations.

No Year City Theme
1st 1997 Tokyo JAPAN
2nd 1999 Seoul KOREA
3rd 2001 Taipei TAIWAN Creating the Future with a Trend as a lever
4th 2003 Beijing CHINA Promote Happy, Cleaning new realm
5th 2005 Tokyo JAPAN Linking Challenges with Opprtunities
6th 2007 Chiayi TAIWAN Embracing of Mothe Nature, Cleaning in Harmony
7th 2009 Melbourne Australia Partnership- Meeting challenge together
8th 2011 Beijing Chaina Green solution for Household Cleaning
9th 2013 Mumbai INDIA Emerging Markets- Opportunities & Challenges
10th 2015 Tokyo JAPAN Sustainable Growth in Asia and Oceania
11th 2017 Taipei TAIWAN From Sustainable Cleaning to Harmonic Future
12th 2019 Sydney AUSTRALIA A healthier & sustainable future
13th 2021 CHAINA
14th 2023