Purpose of AOSDAC
 AOSDAC is a conference of the industry associations engaged in producing and selling soap and detergent in Asia and Oceania. The AOSDAC shall serve to promote information sharing and exchange among the associations to contribute to a consumer’s prosperity and development of the industry through an improvement of quality of cleanliness and sanitation for both consumers and living environment in the region.

 The AOSDAC shall, in principle, target to meet biannually at the city of a member who hosts the conference based on all AOSDAC members’ proposal and approval. Members shall have periodical information exchange with regard to the latest technological trend of the soap and detergent, regulatory system for commercializing the soap and detergent products in Asian and Oceania area, and related matters.

Member Associations of AOSDAC
Region Association Link
Australia ACCORD Advocate for the Consumer, Cosmetic, Hygiene, and Specialty Products Industry
China CCIA China Cleaning Industry Association
India IHPCIA Indian Home & Personal Care Industry Association
Indonesia ISDA Indonesia Soap & Detergent Association
Japan JSDA Japan Soap & Detergent Association
Malaysia MSDA Malaysia Soap & Detergent Association
Philippine PSDA Philippine Soap & Detergent Association
Taiwan TCPA Taiwan Cleaning Product Association
Thailand TSDMA Thai Soap and Detergents Manufacturers Association